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Advice from founders about building a founding team

Several startup founders discuss the importance of a strong founding team, share some lessons and offer their advice.

In this clip, founders from a range of industries lay out the pros and cons of having a founding team. They talk about the importance of trust within this team and how to pick the right players. Furthermore, they stress the key factor of open and honest communication.

Founders’ Tips:

  • Seek founders with different skills
  • Join a project you believe in
  • A co-founder can be a sparring partner and motivator
  • As a sole founder, you can make decisions faster and drive through your own vision
  • You have to trust your co-founder or founders
  • In the beginning, you have a lot of changes, and you have to discuss teem regularly and be open about them
  • You can’t learn everything from a book or training. You must talk to people.
  • Meet regularly to discuss feelings, likes and dislikes and work out how to improve
  • Discuss your visions for the company and don’t avoid discussing taboo topics until it’s too late

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