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    Pitching Introduction

    Create a Winning Pitch

    Perhaps you have to pitch to investors or in a startup competition. Perhaps you have simply realised that you need to talk to a lot of different stakeholders about your business but, for some reason, they are having a hard time understanding your business. Whatever the reason, this topic will help you improve your pitch.

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    Intellectual Property Introduction

    Develop a Robust IP Strategy

    At the heart of every successful business is some form of Intellectual Property (IP); whether an invention, a design, a process, a brand or some knowledge or capability. For a startup, understanding what IP you own and how you can develop, protect and exploit it can be challenging. In this course, we will explain the main forms of IP and how you can protect them. We will also give you a tool that you can use to identify your IP and develop an IP strategy.

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    Finance Introduction

    Build a Comprehensive Financial Forecast

    No matter what stage your startup is at, understanding how to forecast, manage, analyse and talk about the numbers in your business is essential. In this topic you will learn both the concepts and practicalities of building the financial statements of a business using an example case and be provided with the advice and tools you need to build your own forecasts.

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