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    Social Business

    Design an Impact Business

    As the world grows richer and nations develop, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding that the profit motive is not enough; they want to address social and envinromental problems too. This is where social enterprises come in. Social enterprises are organizations that conduct commercial activities with the goal of creating positive social or environmental impact. In this course, you will learn about what a social enterprise is and how to design one. You will hear first hand advice and tips from social entrepreneurs and see examples of the tools that we provide in use. You will also be shown how to use important frameworks and methods, such as the Theory of Change and product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), to help you calculate the potential social or envrinomental impact of your business.

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    Pitching Introduction

    Create a Winning Pitch

    Perhaps you have to pitch to investors or in a startup competition. Perhaps you have simply realised that you need to talk to a lot of different stakeholders about your business but, for some reason, they are having a hard time understanding your business. Whatever the reason, this topic will help you improve your pitch.

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