Can I change my password?

Yes, go to Profile -> Settings -> General and change your Password or Email-Address

Can I deactivate Email Notifications?

Yes, go to Profile -> Settings – Email and choose which Notifications do you want to receive

Can I delete my Account?

Yes, go to Profile -> Settings and click on “Delete Account”

Can I link a Social Account to my Profile?

Yes, you can link your Facebook-, LinkedIn-, Twitter- or Google+ Account with your Profile on the login or Register Page.

Is my Email Adress publicly available?

No, we do not publish your Email Address. You can only contact other Members through our internal Message System

Can I unlink my Social Account?

Yes, go to Profile -> Settings -> Social Account and click on the Unlink Button.


What are Notifications for?

Notifications are system Message generated, such as your activities or comments you have made on de Web page.

Can I send a message to other Members?

Yes, but not directly, You have to ask the member first while adding him to your friend’s list. (Members) Once you have been accepted, you can send private messages. Go to Profile -> Messages and click “Compose


Can I upload Documents?

Yes, but only in your private group (Tab Doc) for sharing documents and get feedback.

Can I create a private group?

Yes, go to Group and click on the “create a group” button. Follow the steps and you will have your own place, where you can invite people to join you.

Can I send a message to the course trainer?

Yes, go to the course main page and click on the “contact course teacher” button,

Can I make suggestions?

Yes, In fact we would love that. Go to Course -> Select a course -> Course Discussion (End of the course). Write your Suggestion in the “Feedback and Suggestion” Forum.

How long can I access a course, after registration?

In the Beta Phase, you will have access 180 days after the registration

Can I receive a certificate?

Yes, by ending the course and responding 80% of the Quiz Questions correct, you will receive a certificate by email.