Intellectual Property Introduction

Develop a Robust IP Strategy 4.5/5 (4)

At the heart of every successful business is some form of Intellectual Property (IP); whether an invention, a design, a process, a brand or some knowledge or capability. For a startup, understanding what IP you own and how you can develop, protect and exploit it can be challenging. In this course, we will explain the main forms of IP and how you can protect them. We will also give you a tool that you can use to identify your IP and develop an IP strategy.

5 Lessons

Value to you and your business

In this topic, we will …

  • Provide an overview of the different forms of IP
  • Allow you to dig deeper into the areas of IP that matter most to your business
  • Give you tools to identify your IP and develop an IP strategy
  • Provide you with information and links to help you check your Freedom to Operate

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have finished this course and passed the Quiz(es) (over 80% correct)

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