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Build a Strong Founding Team 3.9/5 (1)

One of the most important determinants of startup success is the strength of the founding team and their ability to work together and execute their plans successfully. In this course, you will learn about the pitfalls of not tackling team issues and be introduced to several tools and approaches that you can use to develop and manage your founding team so that it is set-up for success.

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In this topic, we will:

  • – Introduce you to the topic of building a founding team and provide you with first-hand hints and tips from interviews with entrepreneurs
  • – Provide you with several canvases that you and your team can use to develop a better understanding of one another and build a stronger team
  • – Provide you with example canvases that have been filled out by different startups, along with videos of the entrepreneurs explaining their canvases”

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