Finance Introduction

Build a Comprehensive Financial Forecast 4.6/5 (3)

No matter what stage your startup is at, understanding how to forecast, manage, analyse and talk about the numbers in your business is essential. In this topic you will learn both the concepts and practicalities of building the financial statements of a business using an example case and be provided with the advice and tools you need to build your own forecasts.

5 Lessons

Value to you and your business

In this topic, we will …

  • Provide a simple case to help you understand the underlying numbers in a business
  • Explain how to construct the 3 key financial statements: the Profit and Loss Statement, the Cash Flow Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Give you practical advice and tools for developing your own forecasts

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have finished this course and passed the Quiz(es) (over 80% correct)

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